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Program Sponsor

As an elected official, one of my top priorities is public safety. Across the United States we are seeing a disturbing uptick in school shootings, bullying, violence, and crimes against children. I am dedicated to supporting initiatives that reduce crime and violence in our communities. To this end, I am proud to partner with Tap In and Mega International, LLC to present The School None Violence Initiative. The None Violence Initiative has an overarching goal of advancing public safety and making our communities and the world safe. Our program will focus on Dekalb County schools with high incidents of violence, as well as broad messaging to reach parents and children who need support and mentor services.


With the support of local sponsors, we can achieve our goal of reducing youth violence and creating safe schools. No longer does reading, writing, and arithmetic, meet the needs of modern education. We must provide age-appropriate educational seminars that eradicate violence at its core and foster conflict resolution, community, civic obedience, soft skills, and best safety practices to change the disturbing patterns we see in our schools and communities – please join me in my efforts.

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